About the publication

The journal "Science and Defense" is a specialized edition in the field of military and technical sciences

 The history of the scientific and theoretical and practical journal "Science and Defense" began in 1994, when the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine established a collection of scientific materials "Science and Defense," which was re-registered in 1996 as the journal "Science and Defense".

On the basis of the legal succession agreement concluded with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in August 2017, the rights and obligations of the founder of the magazine were transferred to the National Defense University of Ukraine named after Ivan Chernyakhovsky (Certificate of state registration of the printed mass media of the series KV № 22942-12842PR dated 15.09.2017 )

The objectives of the editorial staff of the journal are:

coverage of actual problem issues and dissemination of scientific knowledge in the field of military sciences, national security, and the security of the state border;

assistance in raising the professional level of servicemen and civil servants of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, other components of the security and defense sector of Ukraine;

provision of the right to submit the results of scientific research for the publication of applicants for higher education (Master, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Science) and applicants for the assignment of academic degrees that are taught at the University, other higher educational institutions of Ukraine and foreign countries.

In its activities, the editorial board of the magazine adheres to the principles of freedom of the print media, the protection of copyright and the prevention of academic plagiarism, ensuring the high quality of scientific articles through their review.

Periodicity of the issue of the journal – four times a year, circulation of the printed version of the magazine is distributed by subscription (subscription index – 74303).

The authors of scientific articles are kindly requested to send their materials in paper form to the postal address of the University (28, Povitroflotsky ave., Kyiv, 03049) and in electronic form – to the e-mail address nio2017@ukr.net. Phones for information: (044) 271-06-92, (067) 790-23-22, (066) 362-79-50.